Miami, FL

August 4, 2019 - Open Call for Dancers & Singers who Dance/Dancers who Sing
at 9:30 am (for a 10:00 am start)

August 4, 2019 - Vocalists by Appointment*
*Agents, please submit via Breakdown Express. Performers may submit via Actor’s Access or to the attention of Olivia West at with CELEBRITY CRUISES - MIA PRIVATE APPOINTMENT in the title. Please be sure to include headshot, resume and link to showreel/website/promotional materials.
**All callbacks will be held same-day

RCCL Entertainment Studios
3001 NE 145th Street
North Miami, FL 33181
(Please bring ID to present to security upon entry into the building.)

Seeking: Union & Non-Union performers. MUST BE 18+ TO AUDITION.

F1: [POP/ROCK BELTER] Seeking a POWERHOUSE female-identifying vocalist unapologetically full of soul with a strong sense of self. Must be able to wail to a G. MUST be a confident and strong mover a la Beyoncé, JLO & P!nk.

F2: [POP/ROCK BELTER] Seeking a quirky leading lady with killer pop vocals a la Arianna Grande as Penny Pingleton. Must be able to mix/belt to an F. MUST be a confident mover.

F3: [POP/ROCK BELT/LEGIT SOPRANO] Seeking a LEGIT SOPRANO with killer POP BELT. Think Charlotte Church meets “Before He Cheats’” Carrie Underwood. Must be able to mix/belt to an F and comfortably sustain a C6. Must have a radiant presence and MUST be a confident mover.

FS/D: Seeking an athletic, fierce and fiery female-identifying singer/dancer. MUST be a true triple threat with a pop/rock mix/belt to an F5. Must be a strong and versatile technical dancer confident performing in 3” heels. Partnering and aerial experience a plus.

M1: [POP/ROCK TENOR] Seeking a BOLD, charming and likeable tenor with powerhouse vocals. Must be able to sustain full-voice Bb with the ability to pop up to a C. Falsetto a plus. Think Bruno Mars, Adam Levine and Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. MUST be a confident mover.

M2: [POP/ROCK BARITENOR] Seeking a charismatic, quirky and charming baritenor. Must be able to command and interact with an audience. Must have solid pop/rock vocals and comfortably sustain an A, falsetto a plus. Think Harry Styles meets Ben Platt. MUST be a confident mover.

M3: [CHARACTER BARITENOR] Larger-than-life stature with the personality and voice to match. Must have excellent comedic timing, be comfortable and confident in drag (a la Miss Trunchbull), comfortable singing pop/rock music and able to hold harmonies up to a sustained A/Bb. Improv experience a plus. Must have authentic or convincing RP accent. MUST move confidently.

M4: [POP/LEGIT BARITENOR] Classic musical theatre/operatic leading man meets pop/rock front man. Must be able to sustain an A and pop up to a Bb. Think John Legend meets Joshua Henry. Rap and aerial experience a plus. MUST be a confident mover.

M S/D: Seeking energetic and likable male-identifying singer/dancer. Must be true triple threat with pop/rock vocals to A/B. A grounded and strong-bodied technical dancer that can partner, lift and perform shirtless as needed. Rap skills a plus. 

Dancers: Seeking strong, athletic and TECHNICALLY trained dancers well versed in commercial, jazz, contemporary and ballet. Must be a high-energy performer with stamina. Men must be able to lift, partner and perform shirtless as needed. Women must execute all choreography confidently in a 3” heel. Tumbling, partnering, and aerial experience a plus but not necessary.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring a stapled headshot and resume to the audition. Singers please bring appropriate clothing if asked to stay for the movement call. Singers who Dance / Dancers who Sing - please attend the open dance call and bring repertoire books with you in case you are asked to stay to sing. Women should be prepared to dance in 3" heels and men should bring character/jazz shoes. An accompanist will be provided at the auditions and sheet music in the proper key is required.