Can't Make it to our upcoming Live Auditions?

Interested in auditioning for Celebrity Cruises Entertainment but can't make our live auditions? Don't sweat it! 


For production cast audition inquiries, please e-mail following the below format:
Subject: NAME (First & Last) - AUDITION MATERIAL (Fill in the type of performer you are)
Attach the following to your e-mail:



-Link to your show reel, website and/or other promotional materials


Seeking Union & Non-Union performers. Diversity, of all kinds, is strongly encouraged. MUST BE 18+ TO AUDITION.

LEAD VOCALISTS: Seeking all vocal types, styles to include pop/rock, R&B, contemporary musical theater; especially seeking women with a strong mix/belt to F5 and legit to C6, baritenors to G4 and tenors to B4 with strong falsetto extension. MUST MOVE WELL. 

SINGER/DANCERS: Seeking True Triple Threats. We require experienced and technically trained vocalists with a strong dance background in jazz, ballet, commercial and partnering. Women must have a strong pop/rock belt to D and men (baritenors) to an A4 or (tenors) to a B4. Must be capable of understudying lead vocalist tracks as well as performing in the ensemble of dancers. 

DANCERS: Seeking fit, athletic and technically trained dancers with a strong background in jazz, ballet, contemporary, commercial, tap & partnering. Male dancers must have a strong physique and be capable of lifts. Women should have lean silhouettes and be able to perform in 3" heels including turns, leaps, floor drops & partnering. Gymnastics, aerial training, tumbling and partnering skills are a plus. 

EDENISTS: Seeking fit, athletic and technically trained dancers with a strong background in expressionist and contemporary dance styles. Dancers should be comfortable performing barefoot. Additional performing skills - gymnastics, juggling, contortion, balancing, magic -  a plus.