celebrity life activities

We believe in entertainment programming with a purpose and providing an immersive experience for our guests. You can attend an officers versus guests pool volleyball game during the day, a self-guided silent headphone meditation class in the afternoon and join other partygoers for a Full Moon party at night!


Immersive experiences

 Join us poolside for a night full of wonder and delight during our immersive experiences, like the popular Full Moon Party. From our live bands to pop-up performances, you can dance the night away or simply unwind and stare at the stars.




Master your bow and arrow skills with our onboard archery experiences. S.A.F.E. Archery® is a new outdoor Celebrity Life Activities with cutting-edge equipment that is designed to be enjoyed by players 16 years of age and older.




 Partygoers wear headphones and get to switch from 3 channels of music. Go as loud or as low as you like. Once your headphones on you can dance away or take them off and watch how everyone else dances and sings along.




Relax outdoors with audio guided meditation using Silent Headphone technology. From group yoga classes, to dance classes and other experiences this wellness journey will provide you the ultimate in relaxation.


Lawn Games

Join a friendly pick-up game of croquet or bocce. Practice your form with golf putting or get a little nostalgic with bean bag toss.



Officers Vs. Guests

Cool off in the pool while practicing your pool volleyball skills in a friendly competition with our ship’s officers. Prefer trivia or gameshows? Our officers enjoy a challenge and a little healthy competition!



WWF Coral Reef Walk

Coral reefs are home to 25% of the world’s sea life, and they are under threat around the world. Your support can make a difference. Walk with us today, and the proceeds from the sale of every t-shirt and plush will fund WWF’s global ocean conservation efforts to protect species like coral.