Digital Content Specialist

Position Summary:

The position of Digital Signage and ITV Content Specialist operates all the content aspects of the Interactive Stateroom Entertainment (ISE) system: i.e. ITV and TV channel line-up.

·    Responsible for the full operation and content update maintenance of the IPTV Interactive System, hardware and software related.

·    Ensures systems are fully operational at all times. If a situation occurs that is difficult to resolve, notifies technical support immediately, to restore service as quickly as possible and avoid loss of revenue.

·    Responsible for the content of the digital signs throughout the ship.

·    Responsible for receiving and shipping all movies (Pay-Per-View and Free-To-Guest) sent to the vessels.

·    Responsible for inventory of all Pay-Per-View and Free-To-Guest video material.

·    Maintains complete records of equipment failures and requests repair or replacement. The reports and documentation are to be provided to his/her successor as “hand-over notes”and are also to be forwarded to the ship’s management and corporate office on the first day of each month for archiving.

·    Main contact in the Entertainment Department in case of computer failure.


·    Minimum of a two-year experience as an Interactive Television Manager or Computer Systems Manager in an upscale hotel, resort, cruise ship, entertainment or recreational industry.

·    Basic MCSA, CCENT or an IT Technical College degree preferred.

·    Apple platform experience.

·    Graphic designing Adobe Photoshop experience required.

·    Experience in video streaming and IPTV.