The Entertainment Operator – Fly is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of all performer flying equipment in the vessels main theatre. This includes operating and calling fly sequences during the cast production shows, and conducting regular inspections on the performer flying equipment and cast apparatus/harnesses. The Entertainment Operator – Fly is responsible for attending all performances, rehearsals, aerial strength trainings, and any other event that involves use of the performer flying systems. The Entertainment Operator – Fly will monitor and maintain organizational and industry safety standards on the operation and maintenance of performer flying systems. In addition to the duties listed above, the Entertainment Operator – Fly is also responsible for assisting the Stage & Production Manager with running the Guest Entertainer shows and coordinating all stage requirements of the guest entertainers. This includes setting tables, chairs, stools, dressing cables, et cetera, as well as acting as the communication point between the entertainers and the Entertainment Operator – Sound & Lighting as needed.  The Entertainment Operator – Fly will assist with all backstage resets, operate stage automation reset cues, and assist the Entertainment Staff with various technical tasks in the alternative entertainment venues as scheduled by the Stage & Production Manager.


·         Bachelor’s degree in theatre (focus in theatre technology or entertainment rigging) from an accredited university or equivalent experience is required.

·         Minimum 4 years’ experience in entertainment or theatrical technology work; stage hand, backstage, rigging and performer flying required.

·         Extensive knowledge and experience with various entertainment rigging systems, including motorized winches, is required.

·         Extensive knowledge of motorized performer flying systems, equipment, and safety standards.

·         Experience working with performers in a multi-cultural setting.

·         Basic knowledge of sound equipment, set up, operation, and troubleshooting.

·         Working knowledge of computers (Windows and Mac) and connecting to external devices such as projectors and TV screens, and relevant troubleshooting.

·         Previous experience on cruise ships or touring an asset.

·         Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.

·         Ability to work positively and cooperatively in a diverse team environment to meet overall established timeframes.

·         Ability to communicate tactfully with coworkers and other shipboard employees to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.

·         Able to work well in a fast-paced environment and adapt well to sudden changes.