entertainment Staff

The Entertainment Staff compose the technical team responsible for the daily operation of the vessels alternative entertainment venues. This includes set up, operation, and tear down of all AV equipment including but not limited to sound desks, amps, speakers, microphones, cables, lighting equipment, projectors, screens, accessories, et cetera used in the vessels alternative entertainment lounges. The Entertainment Staff as a whole are responsible for supporting and carrying out all production technical elements required to run the on board live music program, Celebrity Life Activities, Production Theme Events, themed parties, game shows, group events, and more. In addition to the duties related to alternative entertainment venues, the Entertainment Staff are required to assist the Entertainment Operators in the main theatre with follow spot operation, assist backstage during cast production shows, and stage resets as required by the Stage & Production Manager and the Head Entertainment Operator.

As an Entertainment Staff member, the individual will be able to remain as a general Entertainment Staff or choose to focus in one of the following areas:

·         Sound*

·         Lighting*

·         Performer Flying*

·         Production Management*

If the individual chooses a focus, in addition to the duties listed above, the Entertainment Staff will work closely with the Entertainment Operator and/or Production Manager in the area of focus and should actively learn and shadow their role. 


·         Bachelor’s degree in theatre (focus in theatre technology) from an accredited university or equivalent experience is required.

·         Minimum 2 years’ experience in technical entertainment or theatrical settings, including audio, lighting, stage hand, or backstage work experience is required.

·         Basic knowledge of sound systems set up, operation, and troubleshooting is required.

·         Basic lighting knowledge, equipment, fixture focusing, recalling cues, et cetera.

·         Working knowledge of computers (Windows and Mac) and connecting to external devices such as projectors and TV screens, and relevant troubleshooting.

·         Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.

·         Ability to work positively and cooperatively in a diverse team environment to meet overall established timeframes.

·         Ability to communicate tactfully with coworkers and other shipboard employees to resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.

·         Able to work well in a fast-paced environment and adapt well to sudden changes.

*Field specific qualifications will apply should applicant choose to focus in a specific area.